The territory on which Caneìs operates is lower Gallura, a historical and geographical area of Sardinia. It includes the Northeastern part of the island, from the Coghinas River forming its Western border, continuing to the Limbara massif, up to that of Monte Nieddu to the Southeast, in the municipalities of San Teodoro and Budoni. The main residential areas are Olbia, Tempio Pausania, Arzachena, La Maddalena and San Teodoro. The Caneìs residences are all located in the municipality of San Teodoro, one of the most beautiful and fascinating towns of the entire region, renowned for its wealth of beaches with sparkling white sand and crystal clear blue sea.

The Caneis apartments are located in the Village of Monte Petrosu, while the Villa is in the residential area of Cala Ginepro. The village of Monte Petrosu is nestled between the tourist center of Porto San Paolo, the villages of Porto Taverna, Cala Ghjlgolu, Punta Molara and Cala Ginepro, which are home to hundreds of villas and thousands of loyal residents, both owners and seasonal tourists. Other very popular villages with similar levels of excellence such as Le Farfalle, Porto Coda Cavallo, Punta Est, Salina Bamba, I Giardini dell’Aldia, Lu Impostu and Puntaldia, are a few kilometers away. The town of San Teodoro is approximately 8-10 km away, with about 4,900 residents and at least one thousand domiciled. In addition to the beauty of the coastal area and beaches, a reserve of the protected marine area of Tavolara, there is also a lagoon system and areas of Community interest as well as the massif of Monte Nieddu with its Natural Park and dense network of land cultivated by local farmers, making San Teodoro a unique area.

The Municipal Park of the Mediterranean maquis of Punta Molara can also be found a few hundred meters from the Caneìs residences. The main beaches of San Teodoro are, from South to North: Li Corri di Li Becchi, Li Marini, also called Costa Caddu (Gallura term for “horse”), Seghefusti, L’Isuledda, Cala d’Ambra, La Cinta, La Punta di l’àldia – tip of the guard – (formerly also known as Punta Zapatìnu), Lu Impostu (“the shipping place” because in the past, it was the location for shipment of goods, and where coal was “shipped”), Cala Brandinchi, also called Punta Capicciolu by some, and known informally among tourists as Tahiti because of the color of its water, Salina Bamba (“tasteless salt flat”), Baia Salinedda, Coda Cavallo, Cala Suaraccia (the “sugheraccia” ), Cala Ginepro, Cala Ghjlgolu (a name often spelled in Italian as Girgolu). The tourist area is found in the commercial port of Puntaldia and the one under construction in San Teodoro, along with a myriad of docks and piers, including that of Cala Ginepro, a short walk from Villa Adele. All sports are offered, from golf to free climbing, from flying ultralight aircrafts to the full range of water sports, from sailing, to kitesurfing, biking and Nordic walking and unforgettable diving in the archipelago, in search of underwater treasures. Waiting to be discovered and enjoyed 365 days a year, while uncovering and savoring local cultural and gastronomic traditions.